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She was the only girl to not have another reason to go, or any complication stopping her from going.Upon hearing about the fifth Dead or Alive Tournament, Leifang reunites with Hitomi and the two of them set off a journey to train together.She gives her a look of curiosity, but hidden with envy as she continues ascending in the glass elevator. She forms a philosophical rivalry with Tina Armstrong, who believes that the meaning of power comes from physical strength.Tina lifts a boulder and shouts "This is power, Leifang! Leifang disagreed, and simply demonstrated that power originated from the mind, and was channeled into and through the rest of the body.After that incident, she mastered the art of taiji quan and sought to prove her strength to Jann Lee. This doesn't dampen her spirits, however, and she goes on to train herself for the next tournament.

She enters the third Dead or Alive tournament, telling herself; "This time... When she finally reaches him, telling him it was time for her to defeat “the dragon” within him, despite her best efforts, Leifang once again loses the fight. While out in the city, she rescues a young boy from getting kidnapped, easily defeating the kidnappers with her martial art skills, reflecting the time when she was saved by Jann Lee.Knowing that she has to prepare herself to fight him again, Leifang does a sparring match against Hitomi to improve her skills.After the fight, the two of them go their own ways, promising each other to meet again at the tournament.However, Leifang has lost to Jann Lee in almost every tournament, except the 4th one, where she finally defeated him. Six years before the first tournament, Leifang was saved from a group of thugs by a martial artist, Jann Lee.Although she was very grateful for being saved, she felt that she could have handled the situation herself.

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She tries to get up to fight, but Jann Lee doesn't allow her to.

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