Xcelsius updating data updating the electrical in a house

To remove this this error you need one crossdomain Xml file in the root directory which actually provides a lot more control over who has access to your data from a SWF. You can certainly use an IP address or domain name to restrict access rather to opening it up completely.

I always start with the wildcard to make sure my dashboard works, then start restricting access as necessary.

Here is a whitepaper with everything you need to know about Flash player security: let me know if you need any more clarification. Mandava Just to make things clearer, if you use IIS, you have to put it there : C:\Inetpub\wwwroot like mandavasriharibabu said.

But I am using Apache Tomcat, and if you do too, then you have to put it there : ...\Tomcat\webapps\ROOT You can try this, but really, I don't think this is the cause of your problems. If you want the webservice code I will forward to you. What I know is that he generates a log each time I call the web service with Xcelsius, so that he knows what is done in the web service.

The solution is probably in your Web Service and not in Xcelsius...

Hope it helps Hi, The Error #2032 your getting is due to the Flash player security. This allows a SWF located on any machine to access your data source.

Titlola can you tell me the error in the web service? But again, I also think error 2032 is not a specific error. Let me know I'm going to disagree with the consensus.It's more similar to the Flash Script Warning from Xcelsius 4. We use Query as a Web Service to pull the data from a UDB database.If you're able to trace your web service calls, check to see if any are failing or are taking an excessive time to run. Today everyone started getting the Error #2032 everytime they accessed the dashboard.A rather seldom picture in the BI-Tool landscape: Most BI-Tools scale in a wild fashion and simply cut the value axes.Unfortunately, from a professional point of view I have one major and three minor points ofcriticism: Interesting: The drawline for the costs points in the negative quadrant.

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