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Requires accreditation by submitting Social Security card. On our last visits between 20/30 people where left behind and facing a two hour wait.This discount only applies to pensioners living in the Valencia region. There needs to be an hourly bus service and a queueing system put in place particular at the airport.You can not book a seat it is just a bus hop on pay hop off at Torrevieja.

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I suffer from claustrophobia but have no problems on this bus. I am coming out to Torrevieja in June (i have just been out for 3 days) with two friends, one needs a mobility scooter which we can bring on the plane and can also fit in a standard saloon car, the question is can we put it on the transport bus from the airport to Torrevieja ??

and if so is there a extra charge, also can I contact the bus company direct to confirm this, as I would not like to get to the bus and be refused.

NOTE: Hi.depending on the time and traffic (taxies charge by journry time not distance on short trips0 I very much doubt if it would cost you more than 8 -10 euros. Hi, the last time in april this year bus was so full of people that 15 people stayed out. ) Hi myself and a girlfriend are flying in on 17 September early in the morning, we are going to Torrevieja and would need a taxi/bus/lift - can you give us a lift, or can you receommend a taxi company Alison Can anyone tell me what bus I would need to catch from Alicante airport to go to Los alcazous?

However if there are 3 or 4 people travelling consider a taxi Standard daytime (ie.before 11 p.m.) is only 50 euro with the advantage of door to door service. I believe there is a direct bus from the airport to torrevieja bus station, then I would need a bus to go to Los Alcazous. As far as I know you should take the airport bus to Torrevieja bus station.

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