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“Thank you for being so supportive and loving to me, my family and Caryn. both inside and out.”Caryn was invited to Audrey’s baby shower on Tuesday night’s episode, but couldn’t make it because she had plans with her daughter, Brittany, who is in her senior year of college.

“Caryn is an employee, and is in a personal relationship with my ex-husband, and so it is still hard to invite Caryn to some of the family events,” she said.

Good times — we all got to take turns playing with Jackson. “Whether we’re working or whether we’re relaxing, we have a great time together.” show the kids accepting Caryn’s place in their father’s life, and Caryn gushing over Matt’s brand-new grandchildren.

And that wasn’t the case at first, at least as shown during the show’s last season.

Matt's worked with her for many, many years, and that will always hurt to some degree, but it's something that I will have to be an adult about it," Amy said during an April 2018 episode of Chandler's divorce from her husband of about 20 years, Joseph, was pretty difficult.

Case in point: Joseph went to court in September 2012 to ensure that the exes' then-teenagers, Brittany and Connor Chandler, never appeared on .

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