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During one of Reena's visits to Sudhir's home, Salman (Sanjay Kapoor) relays to Sudhir that he suspects Reena is cheating on him.

This causes Sudhir and Reena to panic, especially when Salman arrives at Sudhir's home.

Later that night, the couple bond and make love whilst Reena is grief-stricken.

The next morning, she tells Sudhir that she cannot meet him again and leaves with her husband.

This motivates Megha to use a vibrator; however, when she attempts to try it out, Paras arrives home in a disheveled state from an accident and she rushes out to the living room with her vibrator still tucked beneath her sari.

Paras's grandmother mistakes the vibrator's remote for a TV remote and unknowingly begins to increase the intensity.

Tejas tells her that he was unaware of her feelings and is willing to leave Natasha for her, to which Kalindi replies that she is already married, leaving Tejas overwhelmed.

Inspired by his adventurous stories of love and numerous short-term relationships, Kalindi is also on a mission to explore her own sexuality.

She begins dating her colleague Neeraj (Randeep Jha), but breaks up with him due to his firm belief in monogamy and his sexual awkwardness.

As she prepares food, she watches the two families finalize the marriage and discuss the futures of their children.

Sudha serves them tea and finds Ajit romancing his bride-to-be in his room.

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