White woman dating black man hazelton idaho

I come from a small, close-minded town in northern minnesota. My brother, cousins and some aunts and uncles know and are totally ok with it..with him being in prison. Hey ladies, I'm white my man is black we have 2 beautiful kids together and when we got together we lived in Nashville, TN and we never thought of it as a white and black thing he had never been with a white girl and none were ever brought around his family just because he was raised in the hood and not that many white girls were over there but anyway when I first met his family they never once looked at me as a "white girl" they looked at me as someone who loved there son or brother or whatever relation but when we moved to Arkansas it was a totally different story they definately look at race down here they see things in black and white no gray area.

When I finally straight up asked my mother what she thought of my man being black, she replied with..."is he on welfare or does he actually have a job?? I have been with my man for almost 3 years now and not once has my moher asked how he is, where he is or if they can meet him. It's mostly my mother and one of her sisters who do all the bad mouthing. But I just smile in there faces and keep it moving I have 2 beauitiful kids and a man that loves me just as much as I love him regardless of color. I am white and have a black Husband and we have never really faced the black white race issue, we lived in NH before and there are lots of mixed races there and now were in GA and it definitely isn't rare here.

For all of those who are white females with husbands and boyfriends who are black and who are serving time.

What are some ways you have expressed to your family and friends who think you should stick to your own race and find someone who isn't serving time.

I have to wonder how they can judge me, they aren't there when I need someone or want someone to go to the movies with. The only thing I have a problem wilth is when ww think that all bw have a problem with their relationships with bm or when bm say that they date ww only because bw are no good and bad.

The guards at the prisons are really bad about inter-racial relationships. All of us are on pto because we are with men who are locked up and that should be the focus. Most of my friends and family are supportive over my boyfriend and I's relationship.

Well, personally I don't understand why i have to be considered less intelligent or less trustworthy just because of my pigmentation...isn't that absurd??? someone says that it's obvious that he makes me feel like a queen and that he loves me so much because he doens't have anything else... " because they are more into conventional relationships where you look for a man who has a stable job, and who is honest and good worker.

but in my eyes, we are just a girl and a guy..so sad that people still have so many issues with color. I think it is a beautiful thing when anyone finds love in this world nowadays.But I'm not living my life for her, so either she has to accept it or expect to be left out of a lot of things in my life. At first my parent had a hard time with it but after my first child they got over it real quick because she is beautiful. If we go out to eat or shopping or anything we don't pay any attention to other people. His Family has always been accepting and very loving and mine could careless either. It is hard enough being in a relationship with a man in prison when everyone else thinks you should not be.She really has never been that supportive of me anyways so I'm not suprised. Personally I've never ran into the problem of black women thinking we are taking their men. And I feel like when black ladies see my beautiful children it usually starts conversation. My kids are gorgeous and my Husband is great and thats all I care about ........ However these people who think you should not be, go on with their lives, and they do not invest time in making sure that I am not lonely. I see good looking guys on pto and i compliment the ladies on their man no matter if they are black,white,purple or blue.I AM A WHITE WOMAN VERY HAPPY & UN-ASHAMED TO BE MARRIED WITH A BLACK HANDSOME MALE, WITH I HAVE TWO BEUTIFUL GIRLS WITH I have had this problem with my family actually.I'm native, italian and croatian...boyfriend is black.

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