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The tax administration that has to be contacted is always the administration that has allocated the VAT identification number for which mistakes or incorrect data are encountered.This tax administration can be identified by the country prefix that precedes the VAT identification number.The Commission´s web site is a real-time system which checks the validity of VAT identification numbers against the databases maintained by Member States.

Q19 - Is it possible to get the VAT number of a customer/supplier knowing his name and address?The valid VAT number of your customer should be mentioned on your invoice.Taxable persons making the intra-Community supplies report the total supplies in the relevant quarter to each taxable person in another Member State on a recapitulative statement which is submitted to the tax administration of the taxable person making the supply.Q16 - What do I have to do if I receive an error message?Q17 - Is it possible to have the name and/or the address linked to a VAT number?

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Please note that some EU tax administrations will require you to submit such requests in writing or by completing a form.

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