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Before that I was with the 222 CAB, as a door gunner, UHI-D in Vung Tau, and before that the 135th AHC as a door gunner. I have found Doug [ TEX ]b URGETTEI would like to make contact with LEE P. AS well as Sargeant Tengan and Larry Terrel whom I served with there, and they will remember me as we hung out together whenever we could in Saigon. They bring back memories of the 605th and Pipesmoke.It is nice to see things all this time later from someone else's camera and perspective. And that all us who survived Pipesmoke are doing well. I was at Phu Loi Mar 68-April 69 and remember the periodic spraying (it wasn't suppose to hurt you).DAVID I WAS IN PHU LOI APR 68 JULY 69 A & D JUNGLE BTRY 2/13 ARTY 23GRP WE WERE ON THE NORTHWEST PERIMETER JUST NORTH OF THE 82ND LRRP'S COMPOUND.I DID'; NT SPEND MUCH TIME THERE WE WERE IN THE FIELD ALOT.I know this is a long shot and I do want to thank any and everyone just for reading this post. Also photos of Saigon, Phu loi village, various 1st inf div bases, hueys, equipt etc. Served w/ A Co 1st Avn Bn 1st Inf Div as door gunner at Phu Loi David, I was wondering if you might recall an incident when the soundproofing from around the transmission housing took out the tail rotor of a UH-1D on a test flight. I had started to climb back to snap the soundproofing back in place when it went out the cargo door.Dian I served Aug 68 to Aug 68 in Phu Loi with A company 1st Aviation Battalion 1st Inf Div as maintenance test pilot. My favorite photo is of huey instrument panel, altimeter reads 0. Pilot contacted Phu loi tower for landing, tower replied "not on scope", pilot's reply "Look up". I don't remember the pilot that day, but he made a great landing on the wet grass. (Brian Lawerance) Makin who was KIA March 14 1968 at Phu Loi. Am wondering if anyone on your site would have any info about James they would share with me.Does anyone remember #1 - if there was, in fact, a 344th ADD unit and #2 - what their mission was?

I saw a lot of hootches in and around Phu Loi with Olive Drab aluminum roofs. Dian - I served at Camp Holloway in the 344th ASD (Airfield Support Detachment) as an Air Traffic Controller from November 1968 to November 1969. Tom Gordon - I didn't realize the army had 2 x 344th ASD companies in country at the same time. Interesting Still a fan of your 611 Maj Madigan , Vinh Long, transferred from 765 Trans Bn, AMS GS. Saigon Kid Hello, im looking for anyone who may served in vinh long vietnam with my grandfather Raymond Frazier in 1969-1970. Read while ago he was imprisoned for bribe and corrupti I n. He was an Englishman and not yet a citizen of the US but on permanent visa so to evade the infantry enlisted for aviation maintainence. One day I hired a moped from Saigon to Cu Chi Tunnels Memorial and shot one of our 50 cal's for a dollar a round.

He remembers fondly an NCO named Ronald Thomas who I believe was a "labor NCO". Does anyone know anything of a 344th ADD unit that was stationed at Camp Holloway? My brother, Ronald Keith Jones from Arkansas, did two tours with this unit during 1969 processing out on the 13th of Apr 1972 only to lose his live 16 days later in a car wreck.

James was a small English man and not yet a US citizen. In civilian life he was a sports car mechanic in Charleston South Carolina. Performed hot end inspections, engine R&Rs, fuel control installation and rigging, etc.


I HAD BEEN HOME 40 YRS WHEN I GOT VERY SICK, CANCER MULTIPLE MYELOMA ABLOOD CANCER THEY FOUND DIOXIN FROM AGENT ORANGE. Orlando "Porky" Lizcanoany one with "pipesmoke" or have memory of who retreived UH-1H 66-16952 2nd BDG HQ co chopper... shot down 4-4-68 opperation Pegasus after leaving LZ Stud for LZ Wharton...

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