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Drawing on Tantra, an ancient spiritual teaching from India, and Tai Chi, from China, the Daffners created Tantra Tai Chi, a set of easy, meditative and fun movements that enliven sexual energy, open the heart, and awaken a soul connection.

Tantric sex embodies the same principles of centering, presence and energy awareness.

To date, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has not found any food to be an aphrodisiac.

The following is a list of refuted myths about aphrodisiacs.

Throughout these practices, readers are encouraged to maintain a sacred, respectful, loving, and ceremonial attitude toward their partners and, in the process, transform their relationship into a love affair.

Food and sex are often considered two of life’s most pleasurable desires. Over the years, many myths regarding aphrodisiacs have surfaced.

Aphrodisiacs are food or drinks that are believed to stimulate sexual desires and libidos (sex desires).

In this article, the sexperts examine what is known to be true about these sexual treats and what may be false.

It is filled with insights, inspiration and practical information about intimacy.

Their book reveals secrets that will change the way you make love – and how your lovemaking can create deeper levels of intimacy.

Whether you are currently in a relationship or not, this book will help you discover how real intimacy can bring vitality to your life.

All which were falsely marketed and proved ineffective.

The bark of the Yohmbine tree was used in Western Africa to boost general health, sex drive, and athletic performance.

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