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"Instead, we use the right machine learning method at the right moment."This hybrid approach is the thinking that drove the creation of Parl AI.The training ground can help advance neural network research, reinforcement learning, and whatever else may prove useful.It's an undertaking that requires a far more varied array of AI techniques; researchers are still trying to figure out how the different approaches all fit together, or whether they'll really work at all.With these challenges in mind, a team of Facebook researchers has built a new framework for making chatbots chattier—a "training ground" for AI to master a wide range of conversational techniques—not just one or two.While Facebook is focusing on neural networks that can learn from existing conversations and other datasets, Maluuba specializes in a technique called reinforcement learning, where bots learn by extreme trial and error.

But building bots that can truly carry on conversations is still proving elusive.Samsung's not giving up on Bixby, despite initial lukewarm responses to its AI assistant.Bixby is the South Korean firm's answer to other voice assistants like Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa. The only trouble: They didn't really know how to chat.As Facebook and so many other Silicon Valley players trumpet the benefits of software that can carry on a conversation—apps that book your plane flights or manage your bank account through SMS-like dialogue—the technology still lags behind.

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