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asterisk- zaptel-1.4.11 libpri-1.4.5 asterisk-addons-1.4.7 asterisk-gui I have written a script file to simplify the process on an Ubuntu 8.04 system.

Asterisk is a software implementation of a hardware PBX and can run on a variety of hardware platforms.It’s use is not just limited to communication and phone management and there are thousands of hacks that can be applied to Asterisk.Some of them are: Additional Materials Because of the power and limitless flexibility of Asterisk, there is no available text that comes close to covering the broad scope of this software.If you don’t see the GUI after restarting your PBX, login as root and just start Asterisk by typing asterisk on the command line.You can also set it to start at system boot by adding it to your /etc/rc.local startup script.

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