Updating stock quotes in excel

In this post, you can learn how to use excel macros to fetch live stock quotes from Yahoo! It is also going to be a crash course in VBA for the express purpose of learning how the Active Range method works so that you can use it yourself.

Click here to download the excel stock quotes macro workbook.

I could then Web Query to that file for each cell requiring that value. So in essence, is there any tool on Excel 2011 Mac that will let me pull individual values from a stock quote and assign them to a single cell?

You can check the "Properties" portion of the window that pops up for additional options (like refreshing as soon as the spreadsheet is opened). You should see a message pop up that gives you a status and then viola, the quote should appear.

I've been working on a mock stock portfolio in Excel, and I've been looking for ways to automatically update the data, eg. I have tried using a web query to MSN Money, but that just brings up the whole stock quote across multiple cells, I want data to be updated in individual cells only.

To do this simply go to the View menu and click on Tools and then select “External Data.” Then, whenever you want to refresh your quotes, you simply click on the icon with the red exclamation point in the External Data toolbar and your numbers should refresh! Now you know how to insert REFRESHABLE stock quotes into your very own Excel spreadsheets. In this post we will learn about how to get stock quotes for specified symbols using macros.One method that has worked well for my clients can be implemented with just a few lines of VBA code. An Active Range is an area on a worksheet that you define by simply entering the range address in a configuration sheet.It will be much easier to follow this tutorial if you refer to the workbook.The stock information for the Active Range will come from Yahoo Finance.

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This includes things such as Last Trade Price, EBITDA, Ask, Bid, P/E Ratio, etc.

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