Updating records in ms access

Have you ever run a query and wished that you could save the result set of the query as a permanent table?

In Access, that is exactly what the “Make Table” queries do.

A dialog box will remind you of this if you forget.

Next, you will see a dialog box appear that confirms how many rows you are about to paste into a new table.

Supposing we have a master table called Cumulative and an update table called Updates, and both have a structure as follows: We want records in the Updates table to impact the Cumulative table as shown in the diagram.

If an Update records doesn't match a record in Cumulative (based on Ix) then it should be appended.

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The following query achieves this effect: It should be no surprise that this join query accomplishes the update of the matching records.Since the basis of the make table query is a standard ‘select’ query-type, you can restrict the columns and rows that are displayed in the new table by picking just the fields you wish to view and applying query criteria.The fields that comprise the new table created from the make table query’s result set retain the data type and field size properties that were assigned to the original fields.This is a summary of a very useful SQL pattern whose purpose is to "post" a table of updated or edited records into a cumulative master table having essentially the same structure.A single SQL UPDATE is all that's needed to handle both the update of existing records and the appending of new records because of the special behavior of the RIGHT JOIN in combination with UPDATE.

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You can also select whether to place the new table into the current database, or into another database by selecting the desired option button.

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