Updating duct work

It’s overkill for smaller indoor tasks, since it’s a heavy-duty tape with a big, thick adhesive, but it can really take a beating outdoors. Duct tape is the essential fill-in-the-cracks patching, sealing and hanging item.

Long story short, a good general use tape should be about 11 milli-inches thick, use a natural rubber-based adhesive, and be made using a co-extrusion process. Duct tape consists of three parts: a polyethylene sheet backing, a cloth grid and an adhesive.

Only 1 percent to 4 percent of individuals with gallstones will develop symptoms each year.

Even though around 10 percent to 15 percent of Americans have gallstones, again, the vast majority of them will never have symptoms (asymptomatic).

Currently at my own house, I have duct tape in the following places: holding together the blown-out corner of a Monopoly box, covering the exposed end of an exterior electrical conduit, wrapped around an opened bag of tile grout, covering the crack at the bottom of a plastic storage bin, patching a tarp, concealing a hole in a rusted-out truck bumper, covering the split in the finger of a torn work glove, creating some padding on the handle of a 5-gallon bucket and reinforcing the bottoms of a few reused cardboard boxes.

Duct tape is so useful and versatile that every space mission leaves earth with a good supply of it.

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