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I always hoped that there will be some a solution for Debian also.And the solution exists, and I will exemplify it bellow by updating the bios of a Dell Power Edge SC1435 system.

My tutorial below is from when I updated one of my Power Edge R520s using the “easy way”. Choose from the dropdown next to “Create a bootable disk using”, then click the disc icon and choose the ISO image you just downloaded. Updating or Downgrading your Bios is pretty straight forward on Ubuntu. But that should not scare you, i have tried to make the guide as easy as possible.Ok maybe not as straight forward as double clinking to install. first we open Terminal /Application/Accessories/Terminal Now since we will be running every command as root(as administrator), we sould need to become an admin.NOTE: as always when doing things like BIOS upgrade be extremely careful and don’t proceed with it if you are not sure what (or why) you are doing it.If something wrong happens and the BIOS update is broken it can make your system unusable.

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If you’re closer to the latter, then you agree that servers can actually be pretty fun. You can either press 1 to start the auto-updating process or just wait 10 seconds for it to do it on it’s own. You’ll see below that it skips over firmwares that are not applicable to my server and then update my PERC H710 Mini Controller firmware. Once it’s finished, you’ll need to press Enter to restart.

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