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The announcement shouldn’t come as a shock, since Google has been preparing users and the world for this shift since 2016.Speaking of 2016, that was also the year mobile traffic officially eclipsed desktop traffic (though varying sources suggest this took place in 2015).

Make no mistake: Google’s mobile-first indexing algorithm update is a game-changer, and one your team shouldn’t take lightly. Read on to learn: Prior to the official update, Google prioritized the desktop version of a page’s content over the mobile version.

To create an index, you use the Try It If you create an index that consists of one column, SQLite uses that column as the sort key.

In case you create an index that has multiple columns, SQLite uses the additional columns as the second, third, … SQLite sorts the data on the multicolumn index by the first column specified in the statement.

To utilize a multicolumn index, the query must contain the condition that has the same column order as defined in the index.

REVISED ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING RENEWAL APPLICATIONS Starting January 2017, DEA will no longer send its second renewal notification by mail.

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