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I simply ask ‘What do you do to implement your Vision?’ – The resulting list of (goals) strategies – the What we do to fulfill the Vision – become the Mission (goals).

After winter and spring, I became a little stir crazy and decided to freshen it up a bit, with the help of my friends at Delta® Faucet.

(Don’t forget to introduce yourself, provide a business card and ask the senator if you can forward additional materials and arrange a meeting.) If the mission statement is well-written and delivered effectively you will have answered four essential questions: Resist the urge to include every little thing that you think someone should know about your organization.

The final mission statement should be clear, brief and intriguing enough to spark further interest.

You are going to the 20 th floor but the senator is getting off at the 12 th .

You only have from the first floor to the 12 th floor to tell this senator about your organization.

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