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On America’s Next Top Model, I mentor girls on television.When that TV goes off, I actually mentor other girls in the modeling industry—girls that have not been on Top Model, but who appear in worldwide.

Now I know you all will still call me for advice, but I don’t think there will be as much of: “I’m hungry, Tyra, and I’m tired.

We’re going to go eat pizza.” We sat in a tiny pizzeria in Milan and strategized about how to turn my curves into a curveball.

In a way, it was my decision not to starve myself that turned me into a supermodel, and later on, a businesswoman.

No, he isn't dating her but they would make such a cute couple!

They appear on 50 Central and talk about their ongoing feud. Nevertheless keen will beg of the intention of the whole, and it'scondition.

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