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Buy online at the website. I dont know if this the right contact, but my foster brother has died, and we were told that an Aboriginal person can not rest in peace if they are under the ground, but rather they should be in a cave on sacred ground or in a tree.

We have his ashes and out of the greatest respect for him and his culture, we want to do what is right and respectful for him to find peace. 1890, Rylstone, NSWCould you please send any possible information about Mary Ann Fletcher, of the Kamilaroi tribe.

As mentioned here are the links: Stephanie Ryan, State Library of Queensland, where the Colonial Secretary records are kept for New South Wales.

Also, if you go to the Rediscovering Indigenous Languages website home page link: https://au/ Then, click on the 'Communities' tab at the top of the page, go to page 3 and you'll find the Wiradjuri tab.

I am trying to gain more knowledge around William and Margaret. Kendall General Cemetery, NSW3-Victor Harold CAFE b. New evidence is being published in a book by Carol Baxter, a lecturer in History at the University of New England, published by Allen & Unwin that Mary Ann actually lived 4 more decades and the quoted death at present was another half Aboriginal lady that Thunderbolt had an affair with. I find these mixed marriages so interesting I hope to research much of those two Convict marriages I found out that the former Aussie Test Cricketer Geoff LAWSON his Mum is a 6th Generation of the GOLDSPINK couple. Ward family Hi Dianne, I am very keen to find any information on a BERNARD WARD dob 1841 at Gulgong, married Margaret Carroll at Gulgong 1878, and died at Bullarora Station Coonamble (Information Trove Freeman’s Journal 14 Sept 1878).One of my leads gets me to a conversation on your website relating to Mary Adams family which refers to a William Lewis (below) do you have any records that may assist? Baxter claims Mary Ann had 15 children in all and died as Mary Ann Burrows of Mudgee in 1905. Looking for Ward Wiradjuri family Dear History, I believe my family has an aboriginal ancestor of the WIRADJURI TRIBE MUDGEE and would like to confirm this. IHi I have been told I am relation to Captain thunderbolt, Fred Ward, my name is Clinton ward my father is Craig ward his father is warren ward, how do I find out if I am related?The Thomas Lewis family had strong links to the Mudgee region (See screen dump below which may assist). So the story comes back to the Mudgee area and the family tree from 15 children in all should be quite extensive. James Ward is the person who we believed to have had a relationship with an aboriginal woman we don’t have any history of him but I have his daughter Jane DOB 24/7/1826 DOD 22/8/1897 Mudgee. Regards, Clinton ward This is a family tree list of Mary Ward from Cooyal, near Mudgee, Aboriginal bushranger married to Fred Ward, the famous bushranger ' Thunderbolt'.Is anyone able to advise me of how to conduct a service for my foster brother that would be in keeping with his heritage, and to ensure that he is at peace. The only dates I have for her are that she was born before 1830, and died after 1852. She was the mother of Thomas Blackman ( born in 1842 or 1843) in Cooyal, Mudgee. I am looking for any information regarding Mary Ann Fletcher, of the Kamilaroi tribe.Regards Robyn I doubt that this is right, unless it is the tradition of a particular tribe, because I have read of Aboriginal elders being buried in the squat position, upright, ready to meet their foes, and I have read of Aboriginal burial grounds. I will send your query on to an Aboriginal Elder, who may be able to answer more full. I know only that she was born before 1830, and died after 1852.

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