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Beautifully constructed with reverser and boiler feed pump, spoked flywheel and displacement lubricator.

These engines are typically found working hard steam launches 4-5 meters LOA.

This is a collection of very small working models of Stuart Models Steam Engines PLEASE NOTE: These are not actually Stuart Models Steam Engines - they are very small copies that were expertly made by the late Mr. The current owner is open to offers for the entire set or as individual items.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME ABOUT THIS SALE AS THEY ARE NOT MY ENGINES. Michael De Freitas THE EMAIL ADDRESS TO USE IS: [email protected] watch the Youtube Video below for more details: This Large Southworth Boiler Feed Pump has a Cast Iron Steam Cylinder (ideal for superheated steam) and a Gunmetal Water Cylinder.

The pump is double acting & will move a good volume of water and is therefore suitable for feeding a large boiler.This steam engine was built by my father Mr Geoffrey Stacey in his garden shed It took him several years of Saturday afternoons to complete.The steam engine was constructed from scrap Brass and copper, virtually all the brass was Cut from a gear box cover and the girders Where made from a old antique brass Mail box lid.The pump has a mechanical lubricator fitted, plus a displacement lubricator just in case the main oil feed fails (which is very unlikely - but it looks good).This Steam Plant is suitable for powering a Large Model Steam Launch up to 6 feet in length.

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Made from "Southworth Engines" Gunmetal Castings & Steel.

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