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Starting to feel that this is actually my favorite of them all.

It opens with sharp citrus notes which feel pleasant.

An easy "go-to" fragrance as it's versatility spans from casual to formal occasions and cool or warm weather. (Once I finish my EDT, I'll probably move towards the EDP rather than the recently released 'Parfum') Bleu de Chanel edt is one of my favorites in the Chanel house.

This is a very safe and simple fragrance that is very versatile and perfect for almost every ocasion.

This is a fragrance that is now a classic yet still relevant in modern it's not breaking any barriers but it's good, very good all the same. I cannot get enough of it within the 24 hours after I bought it.Within half an hour, it becomes a little sweeter and start bringing the elegance in.So if you judge this fragrance by its top note then it is a normal fragrance nothing special but if you wait for 30 minutes then it will start to convert into something amazing.You truly cannot get any better than this modern-day masterpiece.A simple, pleasing scent bound to give you many compliments and an inoffensive sillage.

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