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The reported incidence of teen dating violence varies significantly across studies, yet even with variation the known prevalence rates establish it as a serious problem in the United States.The different rates of prevalence may be a result of differences in the methodology, the definitions, and/or in the targeted population used in the studies.That’s why it’s so important for communities to band together at all levels—from teens to parents to educators to community advocates—to raise awareness, support one another, and actively work towards preventing relationship abuse among teenagers. For more info on this important subject, check out these additional resources: [2]Grunbaum JA, Kann L, Kinchen S, et al. Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance—United States, 2003. "Defending Childhood: Final Report & Recommendations." December 2012; p. National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence. According to one study, only a third of teens who were in an abusive relationship ever told anyone about the abuse they experienced.The 2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS), a national survey of intimate partner violence and sexual violence, collected reports of lifetime intimate partner violence from a random sample of women and men 18 and older.

Clearly, teen dating violence is a significant problem affecting adolescents nationwide, but it is also one that is often overlooked or not recognized. Retrieved from February 14, 2017.[16] “Dating Violence Information for Advocates & Service Providers.” Dating Violence: Violence Prevention Works.

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