Once you’re aroused enough, your body reaches the point of no return and has no choice but to shoot out semen.

JK: OK, so ejaculation and orgasm in men are distinct (though I’m going to assume they go hand in hand [or wherever] most of the time). In addition to vaginal orgasms being real, female ejaculation is real (and distinct) as well, according to most mainstream sex researchers.

Sure, your parents probably busted out the anatomy books when you were a kid. But here’s a dirty secret: When it comes to human sexual anatomy—the wellspring of civilization—there’s a shocking amount people don’t know. Even today, with sensors and MRIs showing us what goes on when we’re getting it on, sterile labs aren’t exactly the coziest places in the world to examine our bodies.

) And you may have taken some sex ed classes in school, or had frank discussions with your doctor. Part of it’s practical: Sex is really hard to study.

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By the way, female ejaculation is not—repeat, KP: Wait, so that has a different composition than a woman's normal lubrication? “Squirting,” however, seems to fall somewhere in between—though, according to the latest research, it’s likely much closer to the urine side.

There’s not a ton of work being done in this area, but thanks to the French (natch), we’re now a bit more certain that squirting is almost entirely urine.

I spoke with Beverly Whipple, who helped popularize the G-spot back in the early ’80s.

(Funny story: A colleague originally suggested she call it the “Whipple-Tickle”; Beverly, bless her, said no way.

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Squirting is mostly pee, with trace amounts of prostatic secretions (yes, women have a prostate, also known as Skene’s glands); ejaculation is, biochemically, much more complex.

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