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I can’t watch by Stephen King) without crying because I intensely relate to that group of boys.As in the movie, there were four of us in my group when I was 12 and each of us corresponded almost exactly to the four 12-year-olds in the film.We listened to music, cruised around, watched movies, and made plans for our future.It would only be a matter of months before some of those plans came to fruition.After high school, working a full time and part time job while enrolled in college, I gathered a group of friends and made an independent film.

When I first realized how strong my wife was, I had this very funny and fantastically sexy idea to hold a wrestling match against her. But being people who live life to the fullest, we weren’t about to do this on a small scale. and it was in a professional wrestling ring at the Clear Channel Metroplex during TCW’s Summer Slam event in 2010. When I started performing professionally in the 1990s, audiences were captivated by us.One of the things that strikes me whenever I watch the movie today is how simple life was then. Though the movie takes place a generation before my own, not much changed in the way we hung out when we were pre-teens.The activities they did together and the conversations they had were all so . My friends and I came of age and began driving and dating in the late 1980s, a fun time to be alive.I still make independent films with my wife, Char Magnifico, and I still write songs. What if you went into the world’s most extensive library, thirsty for knowledge, but spent your entire time there just telling the people in the library what you already knew about yourself (mixed in with some hyperbole to make yourself appear more interesting than you are).To me, one of the worst things imaginable would be to get to the end of my life and discover that I had never truly lived. Those who know me personally and are acquainted with the “story of my life” – those tragically terrible things that happened in the years between being that happy-go-lucky teenager and the day that I was finally blessed to meet and fall in love with Char – know that I can speak about this subject from a position of experience and authority. Our society has chosen a virtual world just as deadly as The Veldt and while we tell ourselves we are more with our modern technology, the end result of this supposed connectivity is more isolation. Would you leave any more enlightened than you entered? Think of the internet as the world’s largest library, full of information.

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