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And though men can't have the same conversation with the bot, it is designed to educate them about equal pay.For those worried about security and privacy, the bot doesn't ask for current salary information.Latina and black women, respectively, make .54 and .63 cents.The bot was conceived of and developed by the ad agency R/GA and is being promoted through a partnership between The Muse (a career site), Ladies Get Paid (a professional community for women), (a company that builds chatbots), and, Pay Scale (a firm that tracks salary information).Then she asks a series of questions designed to prompt answers that you can use in negotiations — and make you feel good about what you've accomplished. You're a boss." The bot sums up your conversation in handy bullet points that you can take to a manager along with a new salary request. The goal, she adds, was to simulate a personal and intimate conversation while also translating Gallop's "unapologetic" approach.If you want to wait to ask for the raise, you can schedule a reminder. "The tone might be funny in the way it’s delivered but the information is really important," says Toni Thompson, head of talent and human resources at The Muse.I have a storyline for each direction, some of which overlap and exist regardless if the player has chosen that path or not.There are some handy Snatchbot Youtube videos that can help you with its features, such as how to add in the quick replies I have provided. I have great plans for the player who keeps their shawl dry for later.

This app is one of the smartest chatbots in the world.

Facebook users can find the bot by searching Facebook for "Ask Cindy Gallop" or by using this direct Messenger link. She asks for your employer's zip code, your job title, and the number of years you've been in that position to learn more about your raise prospects. If it’s me, you know bloody well what I would do: Prepare, present my reasons, get paid.

After sharing an average salary specific to your role and location, the bot declares, "It’s good to know the facts, but it’s better to make a shit ton of money." It's hard to argue with her on that point. When you reply, she comes back with flattery: "That’s great. A lot." "It's extraordinarily powerful how confident [Gallop] is — it’s almost contagious," says R/GA senior copywriter Kate Carter, who wrote the bot.

As you can see, the bot is your oyster, or some other better analogy.

Be as weird as you want, and maybe a more modern RPG with world leaders as characters, and options of diplomacy or impulsive political gambling and warfare would be a good place to start.

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It also lets you explore answers to additional questions about the best time to ask, what to do when a budget is set and which strategies are most successful. "It gives people the confidence they need." Thompson knows that the bot isn't capable of tackling the larger forces that can lead to pay inequality, such as bias and hiring practices that disadvantage women.

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