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id" tiii Ks of the American; the lagging, deferring "manana" of the one, wdth tlir al, n, widr awake rush of the other in meeting obstacles and ever pressing forward. CHAPTER XXIII Social Side of Pioneer Days in Eresno 128 Big families the general rule. Between the San Joaquin and the Kings rivers, streams that rise in- the perpetual snows of the Sierras, bringing the life-giving waters out upon- the parched plains, to yield in orchard, vineyard and alfalfa fields, returns- greater than ever did the local gold placers, lies a broad-backed divide,, known as the Fresno plateau, though to the eye it is a part of the undulat- ing fertile plains of the great valley.

Wh- ..,\ ih at d.stinv's hand did not retard colonization by one decadent race, for the swift e\nhitioii by a virile, red-blooded race, representing a com- mingling of many bloods ? CHAPTER XXII Early Settlers of Millerton 122 Mc Kenzies, Harts and Hoxies among earliest families. No marriageable woman needed to be without husband. The plain-like Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley — The Great Valley of California — was once a vast inland sea. The plain is 400 miles long- and fifty to seventy wide, in the very heart of the state, nestling at the foot of the Sierra Nevadas.

There is a late awakening in research work to shed new light, to learn more of the history of the state and its counties. The Sierra Nevada is a range of extreme scenic grandeur and natural beauty, some of its valleys, as the Yosemite, the Forks of the Kings, and the Hetch-Hetchy, presenting sublime scenic spectacles.

The regret is that the work has been delayed until after so many of the actors have passed away. The scheme was adopted of pix Miiiin- liu lnstriry in popular narrative form, tracing the development of the county by industrial ipocli N, following a general chronological order, eliminating much of the dross of minor and passmg events, to bring out the abstract, salient and permanent truths and results, while not suppressing the local coloring in the personal element. For the greater part they have not been regarded as authoritative reference works. The range protects from the east the long, central, fruitful valleys of the San Joaquin and of the Sacramento.

The transient visitor is charmed by California, enraptured by her natural wonders, marvels at her wealth pi ii. He de- nounced the outrage in unmeasured terms, ordered the papooses placed in the mission until the parents could call for them, directed that no more expeditions be sent except in actual pursuit of horse thieves, and then only with express governmental permission.

Y^ even ivith these advantages, few in any age \ ' have been able to raise themselves to reputation by writing histories. The pride in his own California of tlie native born and of tlie citizen that has adopted it as his state, is only too well grounded. An instance came under the notice of Governor Figueroa in the early part of 1835 as the result of a San Jose expedition and the kidnaping of seven children.The writer of this History of Fresno County entered upon the work as a task ; as it progressed over a period of years it became a labor nf ln\c It was a stupendous undertaking, covering as it did a bird's-eye retrospect of ^ixt\ tin.. They have been the hurried labor of super- ficial hack writers, unacquainted with their subject, the historical subordinated to the com- mercial feature of the publications. CONTENTS CHAPTER XVII Mi LLERTON Courthouse a Worry for Ten Years 101 Abandoned on removal of county seat. Building recalls tragic mystery in Fresno's official annals and the first defalcation. Franco-German war news rushed on by stage coach after purchase by club in Visalia. CHAPTER XX Mi LLERTON Retrogressive Rather Than Progressive Ill County seat removal suggested in 1870. The Coast Range parallels the sea coast line and protects from the west.Xo history of the county has been printed since "The History of Fresno County," published in 1882, by Wallace W. It was a work of original research and a trustworthy authority. CHAPTER XVIII Mi LLERTON Lacking in Civic Spirit 104 No town plat or incorporation. CHAPTER XIX Characteristics of Early Settlers of California 108 Political opinions during Civil War. They unite near the 40th parallel and combined, extend north- ward into Oregon as the Cascade Range. But what mattered it that a few Indians, more or less, were wantonly massacred? CHAPTER XXIX Agriciilture Takes Possession of Valley in the 70's 167 Dry farming conducted on gigantic scale. A reading between the lines of history impresses one that he was a very accommodating spirit, best described by the present-day term of a "political trimmer." His advocacy of the American regime was at a time when his opposition might have been feared for its possible results when the popular sentiment was not over friendly to the American cause.

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