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RISE is the City of Rochester's Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention program, led by the Bureau of Employment Skills Training and Youth Services.

RISE is a collaboration of community service agencies working together to reduce teen pregnancies and reduce STD/HIV rates among youth within the City of Rochester.

The president of the University of Rochester stepped down on Thursday, just hours before an outside investigation cleared him and his administration of charges that they had covered up sexual harassment by a prominent professor and punished those who spoke out against him.

The president, Joel Seligman, who had been fending off calls for his resignation since the harassment allegations became public in August, announced his decision in an email to the university.

The national reckoning has added urgency and national attention to what began as a local, departmental dispute.

In December, two of the complainants were included in Time magazine’s list of “silence breakers” — women who spoke out against sexual harassment — honored as the publication’s person of the year. White said the report was not a repudiation of the present moment and she did not believe her findings would have a chilling effect on other women, noting that the report had credited the accounts of several women who said Dr. She also noted that the university had tightened several of its policies since the incidents in question, introducing a rule last year that bars professors from having academic authority over students with whom they have had an intimate relationship.

The University of Rochester, assailed by outrage from students and alumni over accusations that it covered up a professor’s sexual harassment, has placed the professor on leave and hired one of the country’s most prominent lawyers to lead a renewed investigation into the allegations. Jaeger, as well as alleged retaliation by university administrators against professors who reported them.

In September, after weeks of student protests and demands that administrators resign, the university’s board of trustees announced that it had placed Dr. (A university spokeswoman said on Thursday that his leave would continue.) It also hired Mary Jo White, a former chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and former United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, to reinvestigate the claims in the complaint.

But the professors who had filed the federal complaint questioned Ms. None of the original complainants agreed to be interviewed by her, citing concerns about bias and their ongoing suit against the university. White defended the integrity of her investigation, adding that although she did not speak directly to the original complainants, she reviewed statements and correspondence they had previously provided to university officials.“People feel, as they should, very strongly about these issues,” Ms. “It’s just really important to distinguish between allegations and proof.”The fallout from the complaint has engulfed the prestigious brain science department, which has been ranked as high as fourth in the nation for graduate studies.

Florian Jaeger, a professor of brain and cognitive sciences whom 11 women accused in a federal discrimination complaint of sexual harassment or creating a hostile workplace environment, was placed on administrative leave for the duration of the investigation, the university’s board of trustees announced Tuesday. 30, which include the original sexual harassment accusations against Dr.

Mary Jo White, who was the chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and is also the only woman to have served as United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, will lead the new investigation. White will examine all of the charges laid out in a 111-page complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Aug.

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Jaeger’s behavior ultimately did not violate university policy at the time.

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