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We feel that the Bear mattress does the best job for hot sleepers. In my time sleeping on the mattress, I didn’t face any issues with sleeping hot at all.If you want to sleep cool, the Bear mattress is something you should consider. If you are heavier or just a bigger person in general, you will have different needs from smaller people. The memory foam that the company uses in this mattress is high-density, meaning it will be more supportive and will typically last longer than lower-density foam.The result is a mattress that has significantly higher airflow than other memory foam mattresses.If you are worried about sleeping hot, then the Bear mattress should be one you consider.I don’t think there is necessarily one “best” memory foam mattress, as there are a lot of great mattresses out there and certain ones that are best for certain types of people.I suggest you use my experience as a starting point to decide which memory foam mattress is best for you. The pressure relief it can provide is really unmatched by any other material.It is flippable, offering two firmness options – though I found both to be quite soft (relatively).This makes the mattress very comfortable for side sleepers, and a great option for people that prefer a more lush/soft mattress ().

If you want something that will melt away the pressure on your shoulders and hips, then the Layla is definitely something you should be taking a look at. Back and stomach sleepers need more support than they do pressure relief. There’s isn’t too much memory foam where you will sink in more than you should. Overall, it’s a very well thought out mattress that we think has a lot of great things going for it. We highly recommend the company overall because we like their philosophy that there is no one best mattress for everyone.

These mattresses rank amongst my top mattress reviews in general, as well as in specific categories like best mattress for side sleepers.

Certainly these aren’t the only four quality memory foam mattresses on the market, these are just a few of my favorite across a few categories.

If you’re looking at any memory foam option, you should look for a mattress that: Amerisleep is one of the oldest online-only memory foam mattress brands, and the experience shows.

Quite simply they make a mattress that I find to be the most comfortable, with a full line to accommodate sleepers with different preferences.

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