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Audrina easily segued into the role, at least judging by her photos. It’s really hard to let that sink in, but we’re really close. Keith Girard is Editor and Pubilsher of The Improper, New York City’s cutting edge arts, entertainment pop culture and lifestyle Web magazine.

No - this is far from exotic (now), far from masculine, far from an old fart showing the young ones it can still play cool unlike for e.g Cool Water, Eau Sauvage, Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte etc. BTW i am waering it now and its raininy day and this thing smells like heaven. Calvin Klein Obsession for Men, maybe a timeless classic but it isn't for me.Subtle aroma of red berries enforces the structure, adding sensuousness and characteristic to the perfume.The creator of this fragrance is Bob Slattery, and the bottle designer is Pierre Dinand.In 2005, their nighttime heir was presented: Obsession Night. That someone has the nerve to wear something that is so blatantly dated, but still nice-smelling, makes me smile.And I dig that combo of pine-cinnamon, in this particular reformulation, because it mutes the vanilla (which I dont like much in this fragrance). Classic stuff, if you dont wear it every single day, in my opinion. I found a bottle in my draw just now and refreshed my memory. It has little Cinnamon - comments about it show an inexperienced nose - try Parfum De Marly Herod, Viktor & Rolf Spice Bomb or Histories De Perfumes Hemingway 1899 - twenty times more potent .

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The number of shares subject to option was 250,000 and the exercise price was (the trough in the stock price graph below.) Given a year-end price of , the intrinsic value of the options at the end of the year was (-) x 250,000 = ,750,000.

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