Rules to dating a musician

"I grew accustomed to the relentless touring and him not having an income," she writes."I wasn't opposed to supporting him, because I was well aware that if he had to work a 9 to 5 and do music, that he would never achieve his full potential.I encouraged him to focus on music 100 percent, because that was his talent and what made him happy.I strongly believe that if you do what you love, that the money will eventually surface." Try telling that to women around town, and most will snicker.

He's the only musician she's ever dated, the only boyfriend she's ever had.But since nasty odds dictate that most bands are tickets to obscurity, think of it as more like putting your boyfriend through medical school—without promise of future payback.From the cheap seats, it's tough to muster much sympathy.When news of the lawsuit spread in December, surely every woman dating a musician cringed.It may sound like an endless party with a house on Cribs at the end of the rainbow.

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Thanks to Audrey Watts and Dave from the Tits In the Bad Ideas Hall of Fame, dating a musician ranks with having one more drink for the road, getting a credit card in college, or assuming that rash will clear up on its own.

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