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I am very happy to start treatment and I have hope that I will become better.” “In the first week that I was taking ARV medicines I became sick as I had diarrhoea I could not control.I lost my weight and my energy, and I had no appetite., 27, a mother of two boys, had a CD4 count of just seven when she began treatment.

Even in this short time, she had experienced a dramatic improvement in her health, finding herself much fitter and stronger. Through the stories of four individuals, it documents the innovative Siyaphila La (“We Are Living Here”) project. They told me that I must not be scared and that if I take medication I am going to get better.” This body of work comes from Lusikisiki, a rural part of the Eastern Cape province.A mother of four, she was deeply relived to discover that all of her children were HIV negative., 7, lost his mother to HIV when he was six years old.

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