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Contamination from the environment has been cited (not really a problem for rabbit fossils, though seemingly a valid consideration for pollen fossils), but this simply doesn’t fit with the geology of the Roraima formation or its surroundings.Another has been skepticism at the identification of pollen—after all, it is in metamorphic rock.Combine ghost lineages with the promise of future discovery (especially if most of the surviving Precambrian rocks are hidden from view), and you have ‘evidence for evolution’.This may seem unlikely, since we are talking about not just one ghost lineage, but a being projected back at least 600 Ma. Evolutionists don’t hesitate to invent a whole ghost cladogram of unobserved species out of thin air when they think it is necessary.Evolutionists typically make a big deal of the fossil record, citing it as powerful evidence for evolution. Haldane, in response to being asked if there was any evidence that would convince him evolution was false, is reported to have said “a rabbit in the Precambrian” (figure 1).However, we have pointed out numerous cases of out-of-place fossils, and shown how they do serious damage to the notion that the fossils provide a nice and orderly record of evolution.-century evolutionist J. Dawkins, following Haldane, avers: But would a ‘Wascally Wabbit’ fossil assemblage in the Neoproterozoic really disprove evolutionary paleontology to an evolutionist?Natural history is also bound up with the starting assumptions (or axioms) one brings to the investigation.

” One of the most (in)famous examples is the rather convoluted story of the hominid fossil KNM-ER 1470.

However, recent experiments have shown that pollen fossils can survive the high temperatures and pressures required to form metamorphic rock.

The Roraima group is unlikely to be redated to anything amenable to evolution, and the idea of a hoax is patently absurd.

Fire crews were called to a house in the early hours of this morning to tackle a large blaze, in which a pet rabbit died.

The fire was in a property in Luddenham Close in Stanhope, near Ashford.

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