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Through rumors, Piara Singh’s family had heard about Durgiana Mandir cremation ground.“Jaswant Singh, with his usual composure, made his way there,” said Paramjit.Sikhs — often visually identified by flowing hair, beards, and turbans — constitute the world’s fifth largest faith tradition.

It carries the weighty potential to become the very first to ascribe criminal liability for mass secret cremations.As he hawked vegetables door-to-door through the tight lanes of Tarn Taaran city, Gulshan witnessed a local man harassing young schoolgirls. He was furious, he threatened that the DSP [Deputy Superintendent of Police] is a friend …he could have Gulshan put away forever in a terrorism case,” Lal said. Punjab was still under the Armed Forces (Punjab and Chandigarh) Special Powers Act affording extraordinary extralegal protections to men in uniform, while the Terrorist and Disturbed Areas (Special Courts) Act afforded little protection to the accused.The conflict in Indian Punjab, which peaked between 19, claimed anywhere from 25,000 to 250,000 lives.Indian Punjab is the only place in the world where Sikhs are not a minority community.

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Meanwhile, this new documented set of 8,257 cases sordidly reiterates the frequency of extrajudicial killings and secret cremations.

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