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I'm sure the hookup guys claim to be the same way but I haven't been on those sites yet and certainly wouldn't know what it's like from a girl's perspective. Any particular reason you recommended the ones you did?There are ' Network of young professional' meet ups the first Wednesday of every month and a few other times. Tinder certainly has a reputation as a casual hookup app because it's picture-centric and thus seemingly more superficial.I'm sorry anyone has to deal with that sort of nonsense.I hope it ends up being worth the trouble for you and you find someone great.So I'm looking forward to trying out new activities or trying out some of the groups in this list to see how the events go. I joined a couple of the dating sites (POF and Ok Cupid).I haven't been real impressed with what I've seen.Of course, I also wouldn't like the thought of that happening to me either!But I guess it's worth a shot if increasing my activities around town don't produce legitimate opportunities to meet new people.

Finally, for what it's worth, I'm a young woman, and my two weeks on OKC has presented me with Thank you for your perspective.I'd hate the thought of passing on a girl based on a gut reaction to her looks when I might have absolutely loved her had I given her a chance.Just seems against my nature to dismiss someone based on a picture when that's just one part of attraction.From what I've encountered so far, the online scene has almost entirely eradicated the need for in-person events intended for this kind of thing and most "singles" nights or whatever end up being mostly for hookups rather than attempts to find something meaningful.I thought I'd check in here for ideas before running the "gauntlet" my friends tell me is online dating.

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