Problems with dating 3rd cousin

And third cousins means your grandparents shared the same grandparents, or were first cousins.

You and she are barely related, sharing less than 1% of the same autosomal DNA.

She's expressed that it makes her uncomfortable---I doubt it's just the risk of genetic defects in offspring that she's thinking about. It can be weird if your grandma talks to your crush's grandma about their grandkids.Third cousins once removed means that either your parent is her third cousin, or her parent is your third cousin.That's even less than if you were actually third cousins.She says it is weird and she isn't sure if she can handle it. TL; DR found out I'm dating my 3rd cousin once removed I can't barely recognize my second cousins, the genetic similarities are far too removed and as an old saying "the ones who matter don't mind, those who mind don't matter". Keep pursing her.3rd cousin means its a green light.there are reasons second cousins is legal in most of the united states and the world.

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You're so barely related I don't think it matters.

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