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With Naughty by Nature, Treach worked with fellow group members Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee.

Sometimes he shared verses on songs with Vin Rock, but often, especially on the group's earlier albums, Treach was the sole performer on the song. Treach's chiseled physique Treach is the older brother of rapper Diesel from the Rottin Razkals, a close affiliate group to Naughty by Nature.

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After the release of its first album, the group was mentored by fellow New Jersey native Queen Latifah, and subsequently changed its name. Between albums, the group also scored a major hit with the track "Uptown Anthem", from the soundtrack to the 1992 film Juice.

The group's first hit as Naughty by Nature was a track called "O. P.," which sampled the Jackson 5's hit "ABC" and was released in 1991 on their self-titled album Naughty by Nature. Fellow New Jersey native Tony D, a respected and prominent producer, accused Naughty by Nature of stealing a sample from his breakbeat album Music Makes You Move and using it on their track "O. Treach also got a cameo acting role in the film, his first acting role.

Being the most vocal member in a group called Naughty by Nature, it's no wonder Treach isn't shy about exposing himself. "That ain't nobody's business if we was or wasn't," said Treach, who went through a divorce with Pepa of Salt-n-Pepa last year. Through that I was like, 'I really like your style.' She was like, 'I've been a fan of yours.' It was an exchange of numbers, and next thing we knew we did a song for [another] project that's coming out and we did it for our album." On "What You Wanna Do," Pink sings about being driven crazy by the group's naughty style. She came in, added her flavor, her riffs and turned it around," Treach said.

Last year he shot simulated sex scenes for an online adult movie, and for his role as a hit man in this spring's "Love and a Bullet" he shot a full-frontal nude scene. "I had a relationship in the past, and it was out there, everybody was in that. The thing is, don't ask if I'm single or with somebody — ask me if I'm happy, then I know you're really concerned. "It's a smoker." "Pink is really talented," Treach's partner Vinnie added.

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