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While I would be okay if she were doing this and I knew about it, this has been going on since before we met.

(We've been together 10 years.) She says she has never met him in person (despite communicating with him for more than a decade!

We rent birthday party characters and can recommend actors to wear the costumes and get into character with the kids too!

You're right, UITM: Mary shouldn't have hidden this from you.

But she assumed—incorrectly, as it turned out—you would have a problem with those texts.

(Sadly, due to stress and overwork, I usually can't get hard when I go over.

That's become a big issue.) She's very attractive, and I'm surprised she has any interest in me at all, but it's only when she's drunk.

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I do not want to snoop and I want to trust her, but I am having a hard time with both.

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  1. Basically after the normal/rational/sober person has fallen in love with the addict. You're in love and you get stuck helping a hopeless case (at least most of the time), because your help actually enables the addict. This girl is seeing from former.addicts, victims of addicts, and generally concerned wise people that she should quit now...