Pagdating nang panahon

She put order into their buko pie business, changed her "old maid" outfits to more sexy ones and decided that she'll move to Manila to stay with her cousin Bing Loyzaga.

So she left Manuel and put up a business in Manila.

See full summary » Tirad Pass: The Last Stand of Gen.

Gregorio del Pilar recounts the early days of American occupation of the Philippines with one of the earliest resistance of the American government which ...

Marissa Delgado's character married into the family of Robin Padilla Manuel but the guy Manuel's uncle died in their wedding night.

Apparently, Sharon's family has a curse that the men die early into the marriage.

Somehow, "love team" is more appropriate for teeny boppers, but not in the age group of Sharon and Robin. Disclaimer, the reason I watched the first movie was that my twin sister had a huge crush on Robin Padilla then and she wanted to watch it.

Anyway, I was not able to catch in the credits who directed "Pagdating" but I really have to hand it to her. It's really great to watch a movie without any expectations. The movie started off with sweeping shots of a coconut farm where tuba it's liquor made from the juice of a coconut is being harvested. I like watching Filipino movies that features the beautiful places of our country.

Pero dahil sinuntok ninyo ako, tingin ko na sa inyo, lalaki na kaya puwede ko nang gawin ito", I thought you were gays when I saw you hitting gay people.There were still cliches, but enough non-stereotypical characters and funny dialogue that kept me entertained.Their family runs a buko pie business in the province.And the town plaza was the typical provicial town plaza--with a big church in the middle with the town square in front of it.The story is also a bit interesting--although it could use a bit of tweaking--but interesting nevertheless.

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