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She previously told Tshisa LIVE that she would move away from nudity as an attempt to re-introduce herself to Mzansi.She hoped her new image as a musician would help refocus people's attention to her talent.Here are a few pointers on how they destroy the lives of viewers published on The Weekly (October 2008). By creating pseudo-celebrities it contributes to the debasement of popular taste.It is often cruel, exposing the participants to gross humiliation for our amusement.Smangele Zuma, a final year Somatology student said, “In school, looking good is at the top of the agenda and everything else follows.Reality television does contribute to how women perceive themselves; these days’ people exaggerate the little things such as having a pimple, breaking a nail- just because Kim Kardashian cries every time she breaks her nail doesn’t mean that’s the appropriate way to act”.Nhlakanipho Mkhize, a second year IT student said, “I don’t understand why people are addicted to reality television shows, especially Big Brother and dating shows.

So my two outfits will show people a Skolopad my mother is proud of," she said.The musician, who burst into the spotlight after wearing a revealing yellow dress, to the Metro FM Music Awards has been the top topic at every award ceremony since then.Her signature butt tattoo (of a Q for Queen) has been on display.Fans on Twitter were split into opposing groups with some applauding her "covered up" look, while others missed her famous semi-nude looks.Memes of Skolopad's outfit flooded Twitter and was even compared to a an "OPW bride's dress".

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