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Really, that’s great – it’s so important to do something you love, eh? GOT a question, suggestion or even dating advice for Tinders? He DMs me ten minutes later: “I’m glad you said hi.” I reply: “Me too. ” “I wasn’t expecting to find anyone so goddamn HOT LOL. I thought you (Manju ji) are the smartest person after Tiwari ji in your family but you proved me wrong. How did you think you will come to our house like this, will say this and we will agree? Lala ji tries to say something but she does not let him. nanu asks for Shravan and Pushkar who come in just then. Mami says the kids of these days do what they like. We have come to know that the relation between kids has gone ahead than friendship. Smartness lies in the fact that we should agree to it as well. He says no, Ishi Maa was also asking, when there is someone, I will tell you. Anil says yes, she said you are close to Mihir, what do you think.

Kamini says my ideas create blasts and ask for celebration.

He adds: “I am getting in the bath wanna come lol”. Later that night I miss a video call from him at 1am. I should probably just message him the usual “It’s not me, it’s *definitely* you” get-rid excuse but I’m ghosting him like a coward instead.

“Lol if you a good girl we can have a video chat before I go out lol.” This man laughs out loud so often, he must be an absolute nightmare for his neighbours.

Allain is sitting in just his jeans on his couch and I’m in a dress and full make-up on mine. ” I sound like I’m at a garden party, when this is supposed to be a pants party. Send me a pic of you all cosy in there.” A pic of me all cosy in bed would involve PJs, an I Love Marbs sweatshirt and socks .

It’s a bit awks and stilted at first – but at least he’s too polite to whip out his wang straightaway. Allain admits he’s living with his mum at the moment, as his dad died recently. I tell him how sorry I am to hear about his dad and how hard that must be on his family. I’m having a Deep & Meaningful with a shirtless stranger about the nature of grief. About five minutes in, I chicken out and say it’s time for bed but that it was GREAT to chat to him.

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