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We'll never quite know which role she might've been up for as it was too early in the creative process and characters hadn't been sorted out yet.Nina Dobrev and boyfriend Mark Foster [of Foster The People] have been secretly dating for at least a few weeks [and possibly even a few months] now, but they’ve managed to keep their relationship undercover for the most part.His body was allegedly found "hanging." The media immediately reported the death as a suicide.He was six weeks away from being sentenced in his child pornography case.Related: Jane Lynch Discusses "Troubled" Mark Salling Pretty much all the big names were there — Matthew Morrison, Naya Rivera, Jane Lynch, Heather Morris, Chris Colfer, Jenna Ushkowitz, Amber Riley, Becca Tobin, Kevin Mc Hale, and Vanessa Lengies. Shout out to choreographer Zachary Woodlee, script coordinator Aristotle Kousakis, and writers Matt Hodgson and Michael Hitchcock!Oh, and there was the added bonus too of Matthew's wife Renee Morrison and their ADORABLE four-month old son Revel James Makai. Ch-ch-check out all the highlights from social media (below)!!! Pa2PG7K 1-31-18 Enty blind: Mark Salling was killed.

They had been coming after him ever since he took the deal b/c they knew he'd have to name names" JB1Mgu N 1-31-18 Enty cont'd: "person feeling the most pressure" about the upcoming Mark Salling deal was an A list producer.

The gf said nothing had been taken but screws were missing from air vents so the presumption is someone was removing surveillance equipment. KRVYtc4 2-9-18 Enty cont'd: an A list TV producer "all of you know" installed hidden recording equipment in an ex boyfriend's house and "this story was big talk about two years ago." Why would Enty mention this in a Mark Salling blind? IMEp NW 2-14-18 Enty blind: "Pretty remarkable coincidence about a recent actor death and a very huge almost television deal." The same day, reports emerged that Ryan Murphy signed a 0 million contract with Netflix.

2013: Enty runs a couple blinds about Mark Salling being an asshole.

He lies to Nina Dobrev to try to woo her and Enty writes about his fights on the Glee set with Chord Overstreet b/c Chord hooked up with Naya Rivera and Mark was crazy jealous.

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