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Others take some time, maybe a little more cautious this time round, perhaps even trying a dating website or club.

After a while, they begin to notice the same old issues re-surfacing.

It seems a harsh thing to say but I know this from experience and I know also from experience that taking one hundred percent responsibility for who you are and how you act is virtually guaranteed to bring you closer to the relationship and the person of your dreams. you might even succeed in finding a partner, but the chances of the relationship enduring are slim to none if you haven't changed some of the characteristics that caused the breakdown of your previous relationships.

Give the dating system a chance and some new raw material - your new self - to work with. Nobody likes a desperate 'partner hunter.' This is definitely a pre-qualifier to a destructive relationship.

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2 - Take one hundred percent responsibility for whom you attract.

If you are thinking, "I want someone who doesn't wake up too early, who isn't untidy, who doesn't snore or have any bad habits" you are likely to attract someone who, over time, displays those qualities or displays similar qualities which give you the feelings you didn't want to experience.

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