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A scam disguised as a chance to make a huge sum of money for helping transfer money. They'll try to convince you that you must pay some overdue payment or face dire consequences like being sued, having wages garnished, getting arrested or having to appear in court.

Use caution when hiring a home improvement contractor.

And, no matter how many surveys you complete, you will never receive the promised free air tickets.

Phishing scams can come in the form of prize offers, threatened punishments, or something completely mundane like a file from the office scanner.

The post is a typical Facebook scam designed to trick you into divulging your personal information on dodgy survey websites.

If you click the link in the hope of claiming your prize, you will be taken to a website that first asks you to complete an utterly pointless survey about your previous experience with Jetstar.

The site is involved in a scheme to trick men into upgrading to communicate with nonexistent women so they can make money off of your ignorance. Trying to communicate back to any of these emails will all send you to the upgrade page to purchase a .95 membership.

On top of the fake "likes" we also received 7 emails (see evidence below) from girls who do not exist. Another method used to trick people into buying membership is the use of paid employees to chat with you, send you emails and instant messages.

Meanwhile, the scammers who created the fake giveaway will earn commissions each time somebody supplies personal details on one of the survey sites.

This ensures that the fraudulent giveaway will continue to spread across Facebook, gaining new victims as it travels.

After you have shared, liked, and commented as instructed, you will be told via a popup window that you must complete a survey to verify your entry and claim your free tickets.

If you try to communicate back then need to upgrade to do send an email to the girl you want to email.

It starts to become clear why we are receiving these fake likes from nonexistent women. If you don't know any better you may have thought you hit the gold mine but of course it's a scam.

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Some of the emails have subject lines such as "girl1976 requested a photo" and "Can you f*ck? This is a proven fact and is discussed directly on the terms and conditions page.

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