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One morning in September 2013, Richard Quintal fell off a ladder while trimming a friend’s tree.

He was rushed with a collapsed lung and broken ribs to the emergency room at Lowell General Hospital in Massachusetts. As his health care proxy — the person designated to make medical decisions if he becomes incapacitated — she needed to understand what was going on.

Then John Paul Jebian asked staff at Baptist Hospital of Miami for an American Sign Language interpreter.

They instead brought a video screen with an internet link to a remote interpreter to help him understand what the doctors and nurses were saying.

The agency contacted her 14 months later, saying that it would offer advice to the hospital but would not conduct an investigation.

Lowell General did not comment despite repeated phone calls and emails.

The chest pain episode five years ago turned out not to be a heart attack, and Jebian suffered no lasting harm.

But earlier this month, Jebian, the founder of Waving Hands, a nonprofit that serves the deaf community in Miami, and another plaintiff won the right to sue the Miami hospital for discrimination.

Since 2011, the Department of Justice’s Barrier-Free Health Care Initiative has settled 16 cases involving interpreting services for deaf hospital patients, with some settlements reaching ,000.Jebian, who is deaf, said a nurse struggled to set up the equipment as he anxiously wondered whether he was suffering a heart attack. I didn’t know what was happening, when it was happening.” advertisement With the minutes ticking by and staff still unable to operate the video interpreting service, the hospital turned to another option.“I was panicked,” said Jebian, 46, recalling that July 2012 day. For the next six hours or so, while undergoing tests and hooked up to IVs in both arms, Jebian said he wrote notes back and forth to doctors with his limited English — he communicates primarily through ASL.On-site interpreters can be costly and hard to arrange, so hospitals have sought out alternatives, including video conferencing with remote interpreters, who can be helping a patient in Ohio one minute and in Oregon the next.Many deaf patients have taken to social media to complain about the use of video interpreting services in emergency rooms.

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Her nurse didn’t know how to set it up, so Wheeler had to do it herself, she said.

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