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Is an internationally recognized physical therapist, lecturer, author, and the leading authority on Myofascial Release.Through his 50 years of experience and creative insight, he has developed an innovative and highly effective whole body approach for the evaluation and treatment of pain and dysfunction. and Kvamme, Kenneth L., Excavation of two Anasazi sites in southern Utah. Artifacts and ethnicity: basketry as an indicator of territoriality and population movements in the prehistoric Great Basin. Perishable Industries from Westwater—Five Kiva—(42Sa14)—And Big Westwater (425a6752) Ruins San Juan County, Utah: A Synopsis. Material culture of Gatecliff Shelter: Basketry, cordage, and miscellaneous fiber constructions. In: Handbook of North American Indians., pp.194-205. In: Fike, Richard E., Madsen, David B., Lindsay, La Mar W., Nickens, Paul R. In: Thomas, David H., The Archaeology of Monitor Valley: Vol.2, Gatecliff Shelter., pp.279-289. Some Thoughts on Cultural Resource Management Archaeology in the United States. C., Cushman, K., Stuckenrath, Robert, Jr., Wiegman, P. Adovasio, James M., Donahue, J., Cushman, K., Carlisle, Ronald C., Stuckenrath, Robert, Jr., Gunn, J. Archaeological Research Activities of the University of Pittsburgh in 1984.

Salt Lake City, Utah: Utah State Office, Bureau of Land Management, pp. In: Condie, Carol J., Griset, Suzanne and Fowler, Don D., Anthropology of the Desert West: Essays in honor of Jesse D. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, pp.43-89. In: Madsen, David B., Excavation of two Anasazi sites in southern Utah. Anthropological papers of the American Museum of Natural History, 59(1): 279-289. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 98(3): 391-394. The Appearance of Cultigens in the Upper Ohio Valley: A View from Meadowcroft Rockshelter. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press. (Smithsonian Contributions to Anthropology; 50) 1087 pages. The Smithsonian Institution Excavation at Tell Jemmeh, Israel, 1970-1990.

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Indigenous and Academic Knowledge of Ice-Scapes ad Climate of Eastern Chukotka) - in Russian.

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