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John is the nine-year-old and youngest child in Femi’s family.

He’s a great kid—mature for his age, laughing all the time, and really bright. This isn’t specific to Nigeria, of course—nine-year-old boys across the planet are the absolute lowest rung of the human ladder.

Then the daughter became ill and had to be hospitalized.

There’s not really a more jarring travel experience than spending two weeks getting used to being in Japan and then going immediately to Nigeria.

Both apartments are paid for by Femi, the second oldest sibling and the oldest guy.

He was getting ready to start college when their dad got sick and died at a young age.

Through a friend, I was put in touch with a 31-year-old Nigerian guy named Femi, who offered to pick me up at the airport when I arrived.

And because it happens to be a ridiculously hospitable family, I just stepped my ass right in as their 10th and least useful sibling, which gave me a much better insight into life there than I normally would have gotten.

Here’s what I learned along the way: As a former British colony, Nigeria’s official national language is English.

In reality, most people’s first language is their local Nigerian language and English is a second language they’re often fluent in but sometimes not as comfortable speaking.

The image moves forward chronologically using the blue numbers, and you can click on the diagram to see a larger image.

Before we get into what I learned in Nigeria, here’s who I learned most of it from— The best way to learn about a foreign place is to get to know locals, and I got lucky in Nigeria.

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