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Hey, at least you won't have to worry about something rotting in his fridge.3.

If he's a true Girly Man, it's likely he has a harem of pretty female friends always writing on his Facebook wall and commenting on his every whim.

No need to point and laugh at his "me time" with the mirror.

Instead, be happy you're with a guy who takes care of himself.

Read on for some of the major pros and cons of dating a metrosexual guy.

And, as a bonus, a metrosexual guy probably won't spend the whole afternoon whining and tapping his foot impatiently when you go shopping together at the mall – because he'll be shopping, too.

I’d seen the future of masculinity and it was moisturised.

"Metrosexual man, the single young man with a high disposable income, living or working in the city (because that’s where all the best shops are) is perhaps the most promising consumer market of the decade," I predicted.

Just treat his apartment like a waiting room and bring a book.6.

Friend list function is only available to registered member, not to guests.

And now they were replaced by small animations for better user experience.

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