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This article addresses the current problems for historical buildings attempting to achieve LEED V.3 certification, specifically focusing on two LEED rating systems, LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations and LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance.

LEED design fundamentals are currently organized into six areas of certification; neighborhood development, homes, commercial interiors, core and shell, buildings operations and maintenance, and new construction (with individual focus on schools, healthcare, and retail).

LEED buildings encompass a large variety of building typologies, including educational buildings, government intuitions, medical buildings, housing complexes, homes, churches, theaters, retail buildings, and mixed use with the potential to move into all areas of development.

LEED accomplishes this diversity through the use of six areas of certification touching on every perspective of ownership including the complete building owners, leasing building owners, retailers, public owned buildings, renters, etc.

With such a broad range of involvement in construction, it is important to understand LEED processes and their impacts upon all areas of design and construction.

LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations (LEED-NC) is designed with conservation in mind, but for the purpose of purely new construction and not for historical conservation practices.

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