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Have you guys considered throwing together an installer or a package to take care of all the configuration issues?It's even possible that the stock Turbine installer may work with Wine (Wine has gone through a few revision changes since I last played).Mind you my gui can make it look worse because of the problem with it not updating the status correctly (due to patchclient not spitting out the text for it to parse).I normally grab the standalone patcher a day or two before once the torrent has seeded a bit then come patch day the strain on the download server is less but that still takes a good couple of hours.but yeah I got a 24Mbit connection and updating DDO for me in windows as well as linux takes hours but 50 / 2000 in 3-4 hours sound really slow even for their patch system, my DDO update was about 2000 and that took a total of 5-6 hours I think Just a question with patching using the GUI login client, ver 0.7.5. I let it run the patch today and after 3-4 hours it'd finished the program files and was at around 50/2000 or whatever for the data files. The internet connection is slightly slower than what I'm used to at home, but I still don't know if that's right.

This is just from a bk11-Patching at least DDO takes ages since it applys every updated file once it has downloaded it like this download 1 file apply that file download another apply the new one and so on this prevents from actually gain much speed when downloading, perk is that it's more secure since if you crash at 95% your previously downloaded files are allready applied and can't become corrupt as if you downloaded a 1GB patch file and it got corrupted when almost finished. I've tried to get it parsing the output from the US version of patchclient better, it is slightly better but there is definite lag between what it does and what it spits out (the text I use for parsing).With that in mind there is an additional option in with the rest of the options that lets you choose either a complex patch window (the one that mirrors the original launcher) or a simple one which basically just spits out the stuff into a status box.The difference is purely cosmetic as the underlying patching is the same.I have done some tests with the US version and it still does not patch the hi-res graphics files, I would assume the EU version will also have that problem (if they ever get the servers back up :))Yeah not one of my better ideas, I thought it would help with the strange lag in the text that the patching process throws out but it seems it has no impact whatsoever on anything (might not be implemented yet for all I know).

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