Liquidating merchandise

Closeouts are available in many product categories, including clothing, home decor, footwear, accessories, toys and more.

They are essentially divided into two categories – salvage items and job-outs. Salvage merchandise consists of customer returns, floor damages and samples. The second category of closeout merchandise is job-outs.

It happens to every retail business owner: You buy too much stock of a certain type of merchandise, and then a newer, better model comes out. Have some extra Christmas decorations lingering around after New Year’s?

Or, maybe it’s just not selling as fast as you’d like, and you’re running out of shelf space for new products. Unless you want to sit on the product until next year, cut the prices to entice bargain-hunters.

And don’t wait for customers to come in to take advantage of the special offer: Market your end-of-season sale heavily on your business’ website, Facebook page, email newsletters, and other marketing vehicles. Smart shoppers have become trained to flock to the clearance racks at the back of the store, so be sure to build a large display to showcase all of your discounted merchandise.

You can either use an auction model, in which you can set the lowest price that you’re willing to accept for the item, or use a set pricing structure.Come and visit our warehouse in Miami Gardens, Florida and find all the merchandise you need for your business - ready to ship, all under one roof!Call or email us to learn more, and one of our sales representative will assist you.If you have a lot of extra stock that you want to move as quickly as possible with minimal effort, a liquidation company might be your best bet.You may lose out on some potential profits, but you’ll be able to clear the space quickly and receive cash immediately.

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Like salvaged products, there is a chance for damaged goods.

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